(BTL)/Let-to-Buy/Investment Properties

What is Buy-to-Lets/Let-to-Buy?

Buy-to-Lets are properties bought by an investor and not used as their main home. They rent it to Tenants who pay a rent on a monthly basis.

With Let-to-Buy you keep your existing property and change to a rental mortgage and then you can buy your next property as your main residence. This has become more popular recently as clients have been unable to sell their current properties due to the mortgage market and difficulties for clients to obtain mortgage finance.

Whether you are an experienced Landlord or not, I can assist you with arranging a Buy-to-Let, Let-to-Buy or Investment opportunities.  I can obtain deals for purchase or remortgages from the Whole Market place.

It you are currently on the variable rate with your existing lender I can look at if it is better to remortgage to obtain a better rate.

Buy-to-Let mortgages are not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority